“I feel like as human we’re made for adventure, for discovery, for new things. And as we walk in all this, we discover more about ourselves and who we are.”
Benjamin Dowie

The filmmaker Benjamin Dowie headed to the French Alps for the second time. While exploring new and desolate mountain spots, Mathieu Le Lay’s camera followed him to make a short portrait of the Australian filmmaker inspired by the mountain environment. The two filmmakers hiked 4 peaks in total. Amongst those peaks, there was the massive Mont Buet standing at 3096 meters in front of the Mont-Blanc mountain range. To reach this peak, they climbed up to 2225 meters during 7 exhausting hours. They set up their camp on top of the mountain during a fresh night to wake up with one of the most outstanding mountain view.
Walk the Ridge could be a tribute to the work & passion of the filmmaker Benjamin Dowie. The film aims to share the deep feelings we can experiment hiking up in the mountain, highlighting those precise moments when you’re finally going to make it. Those very precise seconds when you finally walk the dizzy ridge before reaching the final summit.

Directed, filmed & edited by
Mathieu Le Lay

Music by Oleg Shupdeiko

Words by
Benjamin Dowie

Official film festival selections
Rough Conditions Adventure Film Festival 2015, Germany
Green Fest 2015, Serbia
IndieFlicks International Short Film Screening 2015, UK
Goldensen Short Film Festival 2015, Malta
Wasatch Mountain Film Festival 2016, USA

© Mathieu Le Lay Productions – 2015