Visual poem from the Portuguese Atlantic coast.


Production: Mathieu Le Lay Productions
Year: 2018
Featuring: Larisa Oltean
Voice-over: Leonor de Vilhena Roque Dantas de Matos
Music: “Into the Sun”
 by Solar Fields
Poem: “Horizonte” by Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935)

Oh ocean preceding us, your fears
Had coral and beaches and forests to them.
Were the night and fog unveiled,
The past’s storms and mystery,
The Afar would blossom, and the starlit South
Shine resplendent on the ship of initiation.

Austere line of the distant coast –

Upon the ship’s approach, the slope of the land rises

In trees with nothing far about them;

Closer by, the earth opens up in sounds and colours:

And upon landing there are birds and flowers

Where from afar there was only an abstract line.

The dream is to see the invisibile forms

Of imprecise distances, and, with sensitive

Movements of hope and will,

To seek out in the cold line of the horizon

The tree, the beach, the flower, the bird, the fountain -

The much-deserved caresses of Truth.


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